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Tra-Mak Kovan -ara çekirdek-çekirdek
Tra-Mak Kovan
Tra-Mak Stem Sms
Dummy Block

“TRAMAK responds quickly and flexibly to supplying the necessary equipment for continuous operation of the extrusion press.

TRAMAK is on its way to becoming Turkey’s leading supplier of high quality press equipment and tools to metal extrusion companies. “


  • Extrusion Press Container
  • Container and Liner Change
  • Extrusion Press Stem
  • Dummy Blocks
  • Clean-out Block
  • Dies Cassettes


  • Shear Blade
  • Die Holder and Bolster
  • Pressure plates
  • Master Cylinder
  • Front and Back Plates
  • Column Shaft and Nuts


  • Container Holder
  • Die Change Systems
  • Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Scissor Cylinders
  • Bronze Bushing
  • Guiding Elements


The TRAMAK MACHINERY team met with the Extrusion Industry and in 2006 Erdoğanlar Alüminyum A.Ş. Started at his mechanical maintenance workshop. Later on, he was in the establishment of the first extrusion equipment manufacturer in Turkey and contributed to the recognition of the company worldwide. We combine the experience and experience we have gained over the years with advanced design techniques to help our customers improve their production system as well as provide technical solutions to assist them in any way they can to increase their productivity.